How to Choose a Road Wheelset(Beginner Guide)

For most of the beginner cyclist they may not know more about how to choose a road wheelset if they want to upgrade them bicycle wheels to carbon fiber wheels, eg: upgrade from Aluminum wheels to full carbon fiber road wheelset, in this guide we will get you cover for all the knowledge that you need to know and check.

Which type of disc brake your road bike is?

For modern road bikes, there two types of brakes, disc brake and rim brake road bikes.

How to identify the bike is disc brake or rim brake? Just see the wheel’s hub type, the disc brake bike will have a disc rotor mount on the hub’s non-drive side, like the below image shows.

Rim brake road bike the side of the rims will have around brake slide and the brakes will mount on the seat stay or under the chain stay, just like below image shows.

disc brake road bikerim brake road bike

Which kind of terrain you most riding on?

To confirm you often riding terrain that can choose the right depth of the carbon rims, if you often riding on climb road conditions, the low depth carbon bicycle rims will more suitable, low depth bicycle rims can

help reduce over the weight of the bike and climb faster and more efficiently.

If your riding road condition was mainly on the flat road, the mid-depth bike rims will more beneficial, you can use the 45/55 profile carbon rims, it was more aero and lightweight.

If your bike was a triathlon bike or Time trial bike, you can consider choosing a full carbon rear disc wheel and front wheel using a full carbon tri spoke wheel or mid-depth rims like 45mm.

Which kind of hubs should I choose?

There are many model bicycle hubs on the market, that depends on your budget, if you have a tight budget, recommended you can choosing some middle-level hub brands like Novatec/Powerway/Bitex ect…

If you have enough budget, recommended you can choosing DT Swiss hubs or Chris King hubs, they have good reputation and quality.

dt240 exp carbon mtb wheels

Which brand driver train did you use?

Different cassette compatible with different drive body, currently there are main three brand driver train have different drive body. There are Shimano 11 spd and Sram XDR and Campagnolo drive body.

Shimano 11 spd freehubSram XDR drivebody     campagnolo drive body

Finally, when you consider upgrading your bicycle wheels, you need to consider every aspect, such as carbon rims depth, your riding style, hubs option, and drive body ect…

If you still not sure which kind of carbon road wheelset you needed, feel free to contact us.

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