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Carbon Gravel Bike Rims

Boost your bike brand’s performance and reputation with our premium carbon gravel bike rims. Designed for wheelset brands and high-end bicycle shops, these premium rims deliver unmatched quality and performance.

Highlights of the Carbon Gravel Bike Rims for Gravel Bike

Technical Specifications

Expand Horizons with Durable Gravel Bike Rims, Attract gravel bikers and adventure-seekers to your store with our premium carbon gravel bike rims. These rims are engineered to withstand the challenges of diverse terrains, offering durability and agility. Position your brand as a go-to destination for riders who crave exploration and durability on their gravel journeys.

Gravel bike rims profile
Gravel Rims Profile

Wheel Size700C700C700C700C700C
Rim Depth33mm44mm55mm36mm36mm
Internal Width24mm24mm24mm24mm25mm
External Width30mm30mm30mm34mm34mm
Carbon Fiber WeaveUD(Unidirectional)UD(Unidirectional)UD(Unidirectional)UD(Unidirectional)UD(Unidirectional)
Standard Weight370+/-15g410+/-15g440+/-15g450+/-15g430+/-15g
Spokes hole Count24/28H24/28H24/28H24/28/32H24/28/32H
Spoke Offsetnon-offsetnon-offsetnon-offsetnon-offsetnon-offset
Tire BeadHooklessHooklessHooklessHookedHookless
Tire TypeClincher and Tubeless-readyClincher and Tubeless-readyClincher and Tubeless-readyClincher and Tubeless-readyClincher and Tubeless-ready
Brake TypeDisc BrakeDisc BrakeDisc BrakeDisc BrakeDisc Brake
Suitable TerrainGravel/CXGravel/CXGravel/CXGravel/CXGravel/CX
Effective Rim Diameter579mm557mm535mm573mm573mm
Assembly Hole Dia.8.5mm8.5mm8.5mm8.5mm8.5mm
Spokes hole Dia.4.5mm4.5mm4.5mm4.5mm4.5mm
Valve hole Dia.8/6.5mm8/6.5mm8/6.5mm8/6.5mm8/6.5mm
Max Spoke Tension>300kg>300kg>300kg>300kg>300kg
Ultimate Strength>200kg>300kg>300kg>200kg>200kg
Dynamic Equilibrium<3g<3g<3g<3g<3g
Max Tire Pressure72.5psi72.5psi72.5psi90psi72.5psi
Optimized Tire Sizes700*28C ~ 50C700*28C ~ 50C700*28C ~ 50C700*28C ~ 50C700*28C ~ 50C

Wheel Size650B650B
Rim Depth36mm36mm
Internal Width24mm25mm
External Width34mm34mm
Carbon Fiber WeaveUD(Unidirectional)UD(Unidirectional)
Standard Weight430+/-15g410+/-15g
Spokes hole Count24/28/32H24/28/32H
Spoke Offsetnon-offsetnon-offset
Tire BeadHookedHookless
Tire TypeClincher and Tubeless-readyClincher and Tubeless-ready
Brake TypeDisc BrakeDisc Brake
Suitable TerrainGravelGravel
Effective Rim Diameter535mm535mm
Assembly Hole Dia.8.5mm8.5mm
Spokes hole Dia.4.5mm4.5mm
Valve hole Dia.8/6.5mm8/6.5mm
Max Spoke Tension>300kg>300kg
Ultimate Strength>200kg>200kg
Dynamic Equilibrium<3g<3g
Max Tire Pressure90psi72.5psi
Optimized Tire Sizes650B*2.0~2.4”650B*2.0~2.4”

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Dianne Russell From German

I couldn't be happier with the Custom Decals and Wheels Branding that CyclingCarbonTech created for my team. They really captured our brand and made our bikes look amazing. And the OEM options allowed us to get the exact look and feel we were after. Thank you!

Lorry Melon From Australia

I was searching for a high-quality supplier of carbon bike rims for my shop and found this company. Not only did they offer an excellent selection of road and MTB rims, but they also worked with me to customize decals and branding on the wheels. The result? Beautiful, top-quality products that my customers love!

Markaham Smith From US

I've been ordering from this company for several years and they continue to exceed my expectations. Their attention to detail is outstanding and the quality of their products is second to none. I particularly appreciate their willingness to work with me to create unique branding for my wheels, which has helped to differentiate my brand in the market.

Steve Smith From Canada

I was hesitant to work with an overseas supplier for my bike parts, but this company made the process seamless. They were extremely helpful in guiding me through the selection process and provided excellent customer service throughout. I was particularly impressed with their ability to provide OEM products tailored to my specific needs.


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