All You Want to Know About Chinese Carbon Wheels

When you have seen others were talking about Chinese carbon wheels in the forum, you may want to try, and you may wondering many questions e.g. are Chinese carbon wheels safe, how to buy quality Chinese carbon wheels, what are the differences between brand carbon wheels.

We will get your cover in this post and let you know before buying Chinese carbon road wheels or carbon mountain bike wheels.

Are Chinese carbon wheels safe?

This is the first and most important question for most people will be asked.

As a practitioner who has been in the carbon fiber bicycle industry for nearly 10 years, China’s carbon fiber bicycle wheels are very safe,
but you need to pay attention to identifying and selecting companies with quality assurance when you choose to buy.
You should check the following points before buying.

Do they OEM for foreign brands and how many years did your company establish?
Do carbon wheels provide a warranty?
Check if they have regular interactions with customers on Facebook and Instagram, and pay attention to their reputation.

If the above answers satisfy you, it is a qualified company you can consider.
Why are China’s carbon fiber wheels safe? Because China’s carbon fiber wheel manufacturing plants have rich OEM experience, they have manufactured many large, medium, and small wheel brands on the market, because the global carbon fiber bicycle market has more than nearly 80% of carbon fiber bicycle wheels and carbon fiber bicycle frames.
And carbon fiber bicycle accessories are made in China, and among them are the big brands that you often see on the market.

Therefore, these production plants have accumulated a wealth of production experience. The quality is close to some brands, but the brand awareness is much worse.

Therefore, many American and European riders are worried about the safety of Chinese bicycle wheelsets, because most of China In factories, are better at manufacturing products, and not good at marketing their own products, resulting in products not as well-known as big brands.

How are Chinese carbon wheels are made?

Because of the OEM experience for many big brands, most manufacturers have strict production technology and quality control.
The production process is as follows:
  • Design and research, according to the development requirements of the customer, draw the 3D drawing of the rim
  • Making molds for producing wheels
  • The stacking engineer does a lay-up according to the strength requirements of the rim and makes test samples.
  • Routine internal tests, the test part includes (brake edge test, impact test, spoke hole tensile test, rim forward pressure test), etc. The assembled wheel also needs to check the roundness of the wheelset and whether the deflection is normal. The spoke tension is normally within the required range.
If there are no factories that have passed these tests, the quality of their products is worth worrying about.
chinese carbon wheels production

How to buy Chinese carbon wheels?

Most Chinese companies have their websites. You can find them and send them emails with their email addresses. It is recommended not to call because they are not very good at listening and speaking. You can write clearly what product specifications you need by email. And ask the price.
Generally, they will reply to you within 1 day after receiving the email, remember to check your email in time. Generally, their sales will respond to customers’ emails on time.
After you have confirmed all the order details by email, it is recommended to use Paypal to pay, because Paypal has a buyer protection mechanism.

If you receive the goods with quality problems, you can apply for a claim on Payal. This payment method is very safe, and most Chinese suppliers

All accept this payment method, and if there is a problem, the Chinese supplier will solve your problem in a more timely manner after you file a claim on PayPal.

Generally, if the wheelset you buy has quality problems, communicate with the seller promptly, provide poor-quality product pictures, and email them. They will deal with it promptly and provide after-sales service.

Chinese carbon wheels vs Brand Wheels(Eg: Zipp), what’s the difference?

The big difference between Chinese carbon fiber wheels and general brand wheels is the price. Why do you say this, because big brands spend more money on advertising and marketing, on sponsored fleets and sponsored cars, these marketing expenses need to be shared on each of its products, which leads to big brands The unit price of carbon fiber wheels is getting higher and higher.
If you want to get attention and your budget is sufficient, then you can consider buying wheels from big brands.

Compared with quality, the price and quality of Chinese carbon fiber wheels can be regarded as As an alternative, if you have a limited budget, such as buying one-to-one wheels for less than one thousand dollars, then you can consider Chinese carbon fiber wheels. You will not be disappointed. And unlike the big brand wheels, you can also customize your wheels, contact us now.

What do I need to know about carbon wheels?

Before buying or customizing your wheels, you need to know the specifications of the wheels on your bicycle.
If you are on the road, you need to know whether you have road disc brakes or rim brakes, and which specifications are used for the cassette.

This corresponds to the specifications of the hubs of the wheels. If you are a mountain bike, you need to confirm whether yours is boost or non-boost, because this is designed to the spacing of the hub.

In addition, you also need to pay attention to which hub sleeve you need, which has something to do with the cassette you install.
For example, if your road bike uses a Shimano cassette, you tell the seller that you need Shimano 11spd freehub when you place an order. If it is a disc brake and uses an SRAM 12-speed road disc brake flywheel, then you need to place an order for the Sram XDR freehub.Sram XDR drivebody sram XD freebody
For mountain bikes, if you are using a Shimano 10~11 speed sprocket, you only need to note Shimano 11spd. If it is a 12-speed sprocket, for example, to install Shimano XTR 12-speed sprocket, then you need Shimano Micro Spline freehub, if you are using

Shimano micro-spline-freehubShimano 11 spd freehub

Sram kit, then you only need Sram XD freehub, no matter if you are using Sram 11-speed or 12-speed, Sram XD the freehub is compatible.
China’s carbon fiber bicycle wheels are not as worrying as some people say on the Internet. With the continuous optimization and innovation of manufacturing technology, Chinese carbon fiber bicycle wheels have been used by more and more cyclists from all over the world and accepted and praised them. Addict Cycling is also working hard to make more bicycle enthusiasts use high-quality and economical Chinese carbon fiber wheels.
If there are any omissions or needs to be added to the above content, please leave a message to share.

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