AddictCycling UD Carbon Spoke Wheels Introduction – Disc and Rim Brake

50mm ud carbon spoke wheelset

To meet the lighter demands of most riders, we are glad to introduce our brand new UD carbon spoke wheels, it have a disc brake and rim brake version, and both versions are equipped with 2nd generation light and stiffness full carbon fiber spokes and light carbon bike rims.

50mm ud carbon spoke disc wheelset
ud carbon spoke wheelset

The rim brake UD carbon spoke wheelset has a special brake slide, which provides a more powerful stop force.

ud carbon spoke wheelset

The disc version UD carbon spoke wheelset with a center lock disc interface, is equipped with a star ratchet drive system, the same as DT Swiss first generation drive system, now the patent is expired and released, it was a tested and proven system and we can offer at an affordable price and add the much value for the riders.

star ratchet carbon spoke wheels hubs
carbon spoke hubs

Both these two model wheelsets use the UD carbon Spokes, 3.3g per piece (including nipples), The UD carbon fiber spokes are made of Toray T800 carbon fiber, light, and stiffness. with blade shape make it more aerodynamic when used on the road wheels.

ud carbon spokes

Both these two wheelsets provide a 2-year warranty, if you want to know more about this UD carbon spoke wheelset, feel free to contact us.

50mm ud carbon spoke wheels

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