Top 10 Bicycle Hub Manufacturers You Need to Know

One of the most important parts of a carbon fiber bicycle wheelset is the hub, which determines the performance of the wheelset to a certain extent.

Because of the different techniques of different bicycle hub manufacturers, there are different performance hub brands in the market.

Below we have listed the top 10 bicycle hub manufacturers and their different performance and technology are explained accordingly.

We hope this will be helpful for riders who want to customize their bike wheelsets or buy bike hubs.

Top 1 – DT Swiss hubs

DT Swiss hubs use their patent star ratchet technology, it was durable and lightweight, well known and use all over the world by cyclists.

It produces road and MTB hubs and other components as well, such as rear shock/wheelset/forks, etc…

If you want to build a premium custom wheel, this brand will a good choice, also the price of this brand hubs was at a high level, so does the quality. We supply carbon road wheels and MTB wheels with the latest DT Swiss hubs.

DT Swiss Offical Site

Top 2 – Chris King Hubs

Chris King was an American bike hub manufacturer, it produces headsets also very famous and well known, they have the patented Chris King RingDrive with 72-points of simultaneous engagement for ISO and 45 points for the R45D.

They produce the bike hub bearings on their own.

Chris King’s official website is

Top 3 – Industry Nine Hubs

With many colors of hubs to match and many colors of spokes to match, industry nine specializes in hubs and wheelsets as well as peripheral accessories. If you want different hub colors and spokes to match your bike, then industry nine’s hubs are your choice.

Industry Nine’s official site

Top 4 – Hope Hubs

Hope’s hubs are extremely cost-effective and are available in a variety of plating colors so you can customize your wheelset to match your bikes.

Hope hubs official site is

Top 5 – Novatec hubs

Novatec hubs were made in Taiwan, it has produced many other brands of hubs, it was the OE factory for many European or US hub brands, it has full experience in bicycle hubs manufacturing, its hubs were economy and durability also affordable, it was a good choice for building training wheels.

Novatec hubs official site

Top 6 – Bitex Hubs

Bitex hubs official site

Top 7 – Shimano Hubs

Shimano hubs official site

Top 8 – Powerway Hubs

Powerway hubs official site is

Top 9 – Hub Smith

Hub Smith’s official site is

Top 10 – White Industry

White Industry Hubs official site

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