Top 5 Best Bicycle Spoke Manufacturers You Need to Know

best bicycle spoke manufacturers

When you customize your unique carbon wheels, except by choosing the top quality carbon bicycle rims and durability hubs, you need also to pick up the best bicycle spokes; bicycle spokes take most of the stress and keep turning.

Good spokes will give the entire wheelset more tension and better rigidity, allowing the rider to accelerate better.

Here are the top 10 best bicycle spokes manufacturers you will want to know when choosing spokes for your custom wheelsets.

Let’s dive in.

Top 1 Sapim Spokes and Nipples

Sapim spokes and nipples

Image Credit Sapim

Since 1918, Sapim has produced high-quality spokes and spoke heads for over 90 years and is known for its high-quality professional spokes!

It is the choice of many major manufacturers to compile premium wheelsets! Maintaining a close relationship with the riders of their products is essential to Sapim.

Listening to the needs and expectations of each user, whether they are professional riders or amateurs, and their products always try to meet the needs of each rider.

Here is Sapim’s official site

Sapim’s spokes are divided into three categories: Aero, butted, and Basic series, among which the most famous and used by various top and professional athletes is the aero series CX-RAY spokes.

sapim cx-ray spoke

Image Credit Sapim

Top 2 DT Swiss Spokes

dt swiss spokes

DT Swiss is not just a company that makes high performance bicycle hubs, he also makes high performance bicycle spokes.

It is also the largest manufacturer of high grade steel spokes in the world.
They can provide all kinds of spokes from ultra-lightweight to heavy-duty.

Almost every year in North America, DT is the number one brand of spokes in the public poll, which shows that he is really worthy of the name.

Here is DT Swiss’s spoke official site

Top 3 Pillar Spokes

Pillar spokes

Image Credit Pillar

For over 30 years, Pillar has been a global leader in spoke development. With specialized production facilities in Taiwan closely linked to its own R&D department, Pillar is today the most recognized spoke and spoke cap manufacturer in the bicycle industry.

Pillar spokes release history

Image Credit Pillar

Here is the offical homepgae of the Pillar spoke

Top 4 CN Spokes

CN spokes

Here is the offical site of the CN spokes

Top 5 Berd Spokes

berd spokes

Berd was founded in 2015 with a mission to use advancements in materials science and engineering to improve cycling products.

Berd’s PolyLight™ spokes are the lightest in the world. They enable cyclists to ride farther and faster, while expending less effort.

Here is the berd spokes offical site

If I have missed the spokes manufacturer brand, welcome to leave a message to add on.

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